Wrath designs

"Wrath" is a very charged word. It is more than simple anger itself - no, it is an emotion typically described to that of a god. It is an all-encompassing anger at the world and its citizens at the slightest misstep. It is power incarnate. And while Eric might've alluded to having the strength of a god, it is Dylan who again and again touches on his point throughout his journal. Dylan calls himself a god various times, tying into both his ostracism and superiority over the zombies. And where does Dylan relate himself to the word? In Eric's yearbook, stating that his "wrath for January's incident will be godlike." Dylan wanted to reach some kind of mental heaven with happiness and fulfillment as dominant factors. The world has always been too much polluted by ideologies and misunderstandings to establish this kind of utopia. Therefore, destruction and consequent regeneration through means of wrath. By displaying this word in a bold blood-red on his t-shirt, Dylan was broadcasting to the world that he is no longer hiding behind his human facade; the gods have descended from Heaven to invoke their retribution on humanity, and anyone who gets in his way will be incinerated by his red-hot rage.