Did violence in video games cause the Columbine massacre?

Columbine was not the fault of video games, except perhaps incidentally. Other people get “hooked” on games or other activities, have them withdrawn, and live through it without killing people. Still others break a shoelace and kill people over it. As for the violent nature of the games they were playing, I think that is secondary. If you want to criticize violent content, you’ll end up censoring Shakespeare and the Bible. Columbine was an extreme event, one with little sense and few lessons. However, one lesson I do take from it is the danger caused by the easy availability of firearms in this country. Like it or not, outbreaks like Columbine are rare in countries with strong firearms laws, and more common in countries with lax firearms laws. I think it would be absurd to look at this and take the lesson that it’s video games that should be restricted.

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