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In general I like things related to the dark side of life, that's why I started researching about columbine. When I read the diaries of the perpetrators I was fascinated by their intelligence and because in some way, their way of thinking made sense. They were not two simple lunatics like the media said. In fact, I identified a lot with them, I consider myself a rather strange and unsocial person who rarely identifies with anyone, and this increased my connection with them. I like it because I think it's interesting that it could have been me if nothing had tied me to life. And it's a fantasy that at some point, all the guys like us have had, although putting it into practice is a different thing, since healthy people know how to differentiate fantasy from fiction.

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  • mal

    i completely agree and feel the same way :) please continue to run this blog for the boys, their message needs to be spread as much as possible

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